Robert ''Scott'' York, M.D. FACS

Originally from Fairview-Alpha, Louisiana, Dr. York moved to Alexandria area close to ten years ago to practice. Working closely with his patients, he works to find the best possible solution to the needs that they have.

Dr. York works to make a direct impact on the patients that he sees on a daily basis. He also wishes to further his skills so that he can provide even more care to patients. Committed to providing quality care for each of his patients, he learns new things every day to do so.

In his spare time, Dr. York likes to go golfing or hunting and loves to cook new dishes. His favorite spot is his camp on Little River. During sporting events, he is always rooting for LSU to win. If he was not a surgeon, he’d love to do something in ministry or be a chef.

“You are only truly happy when you are helping others.” - Dr. York’s Dad